Renaissance Friesians

Hi Everyone! My name is Rachel.

I Graduated in 2011 From Middle Tennessee State University

I received my Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a concentration in Horse Science.

I have loved horses my whole life and have always dreamed of owning a Friesian!  My family and I have been blessed with the opportunity of owning friesians and other breeds as well.

God has blessed me with  a wonderful family that supports me fully in my passion for horses. Everyone has a special hand here on the farm. From Imprinting foals to just offering their hugs and kisses to the horses in the pasture. Everyone gets the love and attention that they deserve.

I have a "once in a lifetime" chance to live my dream. I am able to enjoy my favorite breed and help others make their dreams come true by offering the chance to purchase great pedigrees of registered Friesian horses.